The solution is small

It’s not easy being big. Big is slow. Big is complex. Big needs small. Because small teams solve big problems faster.

Helping bigger be better

Nile works with the world’s largest organisations to clear the path for progress.

30% reduction in design research costs

We helped Tesco Bank train their team of 30+ designers to apply customer insight in everything they created, whilst reducing their overall design research costs.

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“It gave us, and our investors, the confidence to take on an industry sized problem.”

Nick Cousins, CEO, Exizent

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£2m funding raised and a team growth of 15 members and counting

See how we helped PawPrint develop and user-test a compelling MVP, driven by valuable insight from their target audience.

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“This process has given us really good, soundly thought through, logical ideas, that are going to make a difference.”

– Roger Donald, Head of Digital Service Delivery, NHS Digital

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“The clarity, stakeholder alignment and prioritisation the Nile team brought will have value for months to come.”

Daniel Sedgwick, Head of Consumer Experience, Edrington

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80% growth in revenue in just 12 months

Find out how we helped achieve unprecedented growth in the retail sector by redesigning their eCommerce journey.

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“To say we have embraced the design sprint approach is an understatement. I wish we had started utilising it sooner The ROI is almost immediate and very easy to justify.”

– Dana Milkie, President & CEO, InTouch Technology

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60,000 users in 5 weeks from launch

Find out how we helped RBS Group, SapientNitro, and Monetise Group to launch the UK’s first cardless cash service.

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We cut through complexity

We are a strategic design company bringing clarity and certainty to problems worth solving.

From validation to optimisation

We help executives, design leaders and changemakers realise their strategic goals at every step of the journey.

How we help

Our four core services are designed to support changemakers, wherever they are on the path to progress.

Insight & Action

Make better decisions by grounding your data analysis in human behavioural insights. Then use your new perspective to cut through assumptions and prioritise the most pressing issues for long-term change.

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Optimise & Engage

Enhance the customer experience across your new and existing channels to reduce pressure on internal resources, increase customer satisfaction and boost acquisition rates.

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Discover & Validate

Identify competitive opportunities for new products and services, prove their worth now and in the future, and put together a foolproof plan you can confidently take to market.

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Adapt & Adopt

Reshape internal mindsets to activate your strategy. We help teams adapt and adopt your new and improved journeys straight away.

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Our core capabilities

Customer Experience StrategyService DesignProposition DesignDesign & Behavioural ResearchForesightColleague Experience DesignUX Design & TestingAccessibilityDesign Coaching & Training

Lets get up to speed

300 start-ups. 5 years.
Let’s do this.

Accelerating Scotland’s tech-led recovery by advising Government on establishing a world-class technology hub.

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Bringing clarity and certainty to visions for a better world by backing entrepreneurs who put social responsibility at the core of their big idea.

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Purpose-led Design is here

Download our guide on designing experiences for the greater good while delivering on your organisational purpose.

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