Transformational customer service

Co-designing a service model transformation with B2B customers

The need

One of the UK’s largest commercial banks was in trouble. Antique systems, broken processes, and organisational silos had left their customer experience feeling complex and disjointed.

They needed to rethink how they served their commercial banking customers across all channels. That meant redesigning the operating model for their call centres, introducing new digital self-serve capabilities, and rolling out a new technology stack to support it. They knew they needed to design this new servicing proposition with their customers at the centre, but didn’t know where to begin.

This was a big challenge, not to be underestimated. There were seemingly endless lists of products and services that needed to be designed for, and a huge number of stakeholders who needed aligned to one vision.

How we responded

We embedded ourselves with the service model team at their London headquarters and built an onsite mind palace – a physical space that served as the collective programme ‘brain’ as well as a stakeholder engagement tool.

Our first step was to break down some barriers. By spinning up cycles of co-design workshops with both customers and teams across business areas, we built a comprehensive picture of customer behaviours and needs, shared and understood by the bank. This picture served to fuel new ideas, as well as validate and refine in-flight components of the service experience.

Our next task was to make sure insight was applied directly to the design of the new service model. We facilitated bank and third-party teams to prioritise their backlog and align to the shared future vision. Disparate groups of stakeholders began to align, refocusing teams on delivering those experiences that were most valuable to their customers.

Together we designed a strategic Customer Experience Framework, and defined the essential Service Model Components for digital and telephony; encouraging and safeguarding customer adoption of preferred channels.

The results

The Customer Experience Framework we designed was a powerful tool. Owned by the customer service team, we found we could use it to quickly align delivery teams and bring clarity to the investment strategy across the commercial bank. 

That meant that we could deliver the bank’s strategy while efficiently prioritising the servicing transformation backlog. Operations teams were able to immediately start work on changing the smallest things that would make the biggest difference to customers’ servicing experience, before building new desirable digital services that would significantly reduce their cost-to-serve.

“Nile really exceeded my expectations… The professionalism, but also the ingenuity of the ways of working they brought to us was great to see… I expected a quality piece of work, but we’ve been able to go way past that to something that will be valuable for years to come.”


–  Head of Service Transformation Model, UK Commercial Bank

The biggest impact however, came for the customers themselves, whose insight and feedback gave C-Suite and teams the certainty they needed to deliver the right things, in the right way, and in the right order.

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