“Squirrel Bank”

Creating human service for a bank that’s digital

The need

Squirrel Bank needed a detailed understanding of customer behaviours and motivations in relation to banks.

What does a differentiated proposition for servicing look like?

How can you make your servicing stand out in the marketplace and take advantage of a wider retail estate?

How can you share the research insights across Squirrel Bank in order to improve customer empathy and understanding internally, so the whole business benefits.

How we responded

Our Design Research Unit (DRU) undertook a “reality check” at a number of retail stores to explore customers’ banking experiences and preferences.

Twenty two customers recorded their thoughts and feelings in relation to various money moments using a mobile ethnography platform. This insight drove a co-creation session with Squirrel Bank to develop and expand on early opportunity areas.

The strongest opportunities were subsequently mapped and prioritised with key stakeholders.

To ensure the design teams are armed with the right information to make good decisions today and beyond. We produced a series of tools to help designers understand the context of use related to any future servicing idea. Behavioural archetypes, video, how and why customers use different channels for banking, design principles – statements which help designers and developers align their solutions with customer needs and business vision. These tools start to embed empathy within the organisation, to have impact for the long haul.

The results

Project outcomes are under wraps until 2018.

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