Medical advice on the move

Creating the world’s first clinically approved digital health and symptom checker service.

The need

Accessing clinically approved advice is not easy when you’re on the move, away from home or struggling to get an appointment.

The NHS set the ambition to be the first to launch a clinically approved digital service. And in doing so relieve significant pressure on existing channels, such as telephony.

How we responded

Designing within highly regulated, life and death moments is not easy. It required a customer centred approach, regular sessions with internal teams, developers and customers.

The results

In the year to October 2015, more than a million people in the UK were referred for emergency medical care thanks to the online Symptoms Checker we developed with the NHS.

Our strategic design insights made the service easier to access and more intuitive to use, helping more than 6.5 million people to quickly identify their treatment needs without first having to make a GP appointment. Saving money and helping to allocate scarce resources where they are needed most.

“The output from the project was incredibly useful, saved us money and lead to a much better product being delivered.”

Roger Donald, Head of Transformation, NHS Choices

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