The Changemakers’ Breakfast Series

How do you sell change?

Share your thoughts with us over breakfast on Tuesday, 28th February

Essential Details

Your hosts

Digital Transformation Leader

Noon Ali

Noon is a smart, energetic, self starting, systemic thinker, who has the ability to build something out of nothing. She is creative and builds excellent teams. Prior to her current role with Willis Towers Watson, Noon built the virtual underwriting room and led the Transformation Office for the overall Digital programme at Lloyds of London. Before this, she led the Innovation function for BNY Mellon.

Founding Director

Sarah Ronald

Founder. Leader. Investor. Sarah’s spent 20 years working with changemakers around the world to build better businesses through digital and design-led transformation.

Client Partner & Principal Consultant

Robyn Johnston

Robyn chose a career in Design to make a difference to the way people live and work. As a client partner she shapes teams and projects (in between conquering Munros).

Our topic for discussion

Selling Internal Change

At our last breakfast, while discussing activating change, we discovered that many of us struggle to sell internal change, especially at an executive level. It can also be particularly challenging when the shift that we want to make doesn’t have an obvious financial ROI.

Noon is currently grappling with this issue right now, and has experienced it in previous roles. She’s agreed to kick-off a discussion at our next breakfast by sharing some of these experiences and their potential solutions.

We think it’s going to be a great discussion!

Before we meet…

We’d love it if you could come to the session with some perspectives to share and questions to ask.

A few which have been on our minds are around the role of culture and values in implementing change. In what way must your strategy for selling change adapt to your company’s culture? Is internal change usually driven by regulation or by a drive for advancement? How can you soothe uncertainties and concerns that stakeholders may have?

Consider what strategies have worked for you in the past and what you think should be done differently.


The Changemakers’ Breakfast Series

The Breakfast Series is an enjoyable way for our friends and specialists to mix with each other and build relationships over time.

There are no formal speeches or presentations from us. Instead we’ll invite someone from our network to kick-off a discussion topic, which prompts sharing across the group.

Come and enjoy the breakfast, connect with peers and leave having learnt something new and extended your professional network.