Cultural & Operational Change

You want to achieve service excellence, enhance internal capability and take a measured, controlled approach to change in the long-term.

We can help you understand how you’re doing, identify priority areas for improvement and plan change. We’ll help you upskill your internal teams and accelerate in-house capabilities, so that you can keep things moving on your own steam.

Service data audit

A rapid evaluation of the experience of real customers, using live data and customer engagement techniques. Your overall service experience will be compared against industry standards or a competitor set of your choice.

Sprint duration: 1 – 3 weeks

Service capability assessment

Benchmark the maturity of your service capabilities against industry standards, to gain a baseline for investment in capability. We undertake an assessment of your current service capabilities (people, processes, technology, services) to achieve an understanding of the maturity of your service platforms.

This is a great approach for companies looking to evaluate their performance, or as part of an acquisition due diligence process (for the buyer or the seller). It helps to better position a sale for future owners and understand where the opportunity areas are.

Sprint duration: 3 – 8 weeks

“The more passion people have for the work that they do, the more likely they are to demonstrate positive energy and success in life.”

Terri Funk Graham

Operational impact analysis

Together we create an informed roadmap for service improvement. By using the outputs of the service data audit and the service capability assessment, we can evaluate the impact of implementing the service design blueprint and ecosystem on your organisation. Actions, owners and capability gaps are identified.

Sprint duration: 2-6 weeks

Sprinting forward – how-to workshops with Nile

We know you want to be able to autonomously uphold the service solutions we design with you, so contact us to discuss our how-to packages to upskill your teams.

Workshop duration: 1 – 3 days

Insight to ideation

Proposition Development

Prototype to live trial

Customer Experience Design

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