Customer Experience Design

Our methods enable you to work collaboratively, at pace, without compromising regular engagement and validation with customers. You’ll leave feeling energised, focused, and with an imprint in your cells of what will work for customers.

Codesign with colleagues and customers

Codesign methods are recognised globally as one of the quickest and most effective tools to drive out barriers and identify USPs early. We bring everyone together – your many relevant internal teams and your customers – to discuss and uncover optimal propositions and service concepts. We ground their execution in reality. For example, we involve front and back office operations which play a vital role in delivering services, such as IT teams. In this way, we move towards organisation-wide understanding of customers and of the service vision, which means service delivery is coordinated, and the customer experience seamless.

Sprint duration: 2 days – 2 weeks

The service design blueprint

Launching new services and propositions is no easy task. By designing what the customer will see we identify what’s required to deliver the experience. The service design blueprint informs operational delivery roadmaps, and is contributed to by all core functions, e.g.  IT, Commercial, Marketing, Sales.

Sprint duration: 3 – 12 week work packages

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Richard Buckminster Fuller

Prototype and iterate

Nothing makes more sense to customers and stakeholders than something they can see, touch or, better, use. We prototype services to quickly iterate and validate them with customers. Prototypes can vary from paper to working apps, and be part of a live trial or test environment within your business.

Sprint duration: 1 – 7 weeks work packages

Lean customer testing with the Design Research Unit

At any point during the development process we can undertake lean testing with customers. Rapidly validate service concepts and prototypes with customers, to reach tangible design recommendations. This can be carried out at various stages of the development process.

Sprint duration: 2 days – 3 weeks work packages

Proof of concept

Significantly de-risk the release of a new service proposition or improvement, and ensure you achieve maximum customer adoption and satisfaction at go live. We design a customer trial with a live prototype to validate performance of the service concept, then collaborate on the insights which are driven out of the pilot.

Sprint duration: 1 – 7 weeks work packages

Insight to ideation

Proposition Development

Measuring to maintaining

Cultural & Operational Change

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