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As organisations shift to purpose-driven strategies, new capabilities and methods are required to design experiences for the greater good.

Use our guide to fuel how you deliver your organisation’s purpose.

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The blind pursuit of profit at all costs is untenable. It is essential that we make money the right way. After all, if communities suffer as a result of a company’s actions, those returns are not sustainable.”
Indra K. Nooyi

What is purpose-led design?

As strategies shift focus beyond commercial goals, the way we design products and services must adapt. Purpose-led design encompasses new capabilities, ways of working, and tools which teams must navigate to effectively activate these strategies.

Whether your focus is protecting the environment, supporting the local community, gender equality, or LBGT+ rights, it must be brought to life in ways that are meaningful to your users, customers and employees.

From human-centred to purpose-led

Designing with purpose introduces a new layer of considerations for design and delivery teams. In addition to balancing the needs of the user, the organisation, and technology, design teams must now understand how to deliver a positive impact in the world at large.

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Nile is a strategic design company.

We help organisations across the globe design experiences that connect with people, amidst the complexity of the world today. We can help you find meaningful ways to embody purpose in products, services and cultures.

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