Build an actionable understanding of people’s attitudes, behaviours, needs and desires. Boost your existing data, identify the root cause of issues, and make informed decisions at speed.

Our customers drive all of our design choices. Nile connects us with our customers which allows us to access their insights and turn them into award-winning banking services.
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Why use insight?

Insight combines qualitative and quantitative design research methods to define customers’ needs, challenges and desires.

Through this, we help your teams develop a rich understanding to see and solve problems from a new perspective.

Make sense of your data and turn insight into action

Cut through internal assumptions

Build empathy with your customers across your teams

Prioritise opportunity areas to power your products, services and strategy

How to use insight?

A wide shot of many people walking in a high street. All of the people are seen side-on.

Define your target audience and their behaviours

Move beyond demographic data. We can help you segment and design based on the users’ behaviours and needs. Understand customers’ Jobs-To-Be-Done. And create personas and tools that generate propositions and journeys which are adopted and adored.

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Explore the possibilities of market and tech trends

Discover where your industry and competitors are heading. Define the opportunities around emerging technologies and social trends. Generate new hypotheses and concepts with your customers, rather than with your assumptions.

Two people sit in a room discussing a website prototype on screen. In the foreground we see the partially-opened door, with a small sign saying User Testing.

Validate your concepts and prototypes

Save yourself time, effort and budget by testing new offers directly with your customers. Uncover the gremlins in journeys prior to launch. And use heuristic analysis to answer the questions you didn’t think to ask.

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Make sense of your internal knowledge

Create solutions that benefit your whole organisation and strategy by understanding the gaps in your data. Conduct research with your own stakeholders and subject matter experts and learn how to apply the insight you have to the design of propositions and journeys. 

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Customer Wednesdays

Co-creating a powerful, repeatable design research playbook that mobilised a culture of customer-centric design across an entire organisation.

A design of note

Engaging a nation to create a series of secure and meaningful bank notes for the Royal Bank of Scotland.

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