Nile Health Hack 2017

Updated April 2017

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the health hack on 20th January 2017. Throughout the day people from across the health sector got together to work on four issues relating to mental health. We have compiled some of the highlights in the pack below.

The PDF is just scraping the surface of the value we created together, and if you would like to come and talk to you in person, we’d love to hear from you.

It’s time to create a better, healthier relationship between healthcare and people’s health.

Healthcare is creaking at the seams. We are now at a stage where private providers are openly criticising the NHS’s ability to deliver contemporary healthcare services to their patients.

Our friends in health are telling us similar stories worldwide.

The health ecosystem is becoming increasingly fragmented, with gaps in the services between different types of organisations and companies. There are a variety of factors that trigger this – political, technological and social. It’s harder and harder to keep up, especially if you operate at scale.

But, there is a light in the tunnel. There are a plethora of recent apps and services that tackle the key issues such as daily care but also the end-to-end health journey. The amount of data is unprecedented and there is an incredible opportunity to exploit it and make people’s lives better.

On the 20th of January, we’re getting together as a team and our partners to tackle the broad topic of Health. In the process we’ll be refining the standard Hack approach (we think it’s time for a refresh). Our methods and results will be shared openly. We hope this is a start to a greater movement for us all to take ownership and responsibility to address some of the gnarly health service challenges we’re encountering.


Event detail

  • Event date: 20th of January
  • Broad topic for the day: Self-help tools / Mental health
  • Who’s involved: Nile and Nile’s Partners; 1Partcarbon and Lynchpin, together with healthcare experts from the private and public sector
  • Keep in touch with what’s going on: Follow us on Twitter @NileSays
  • If you want to be the first to hear about what we create on the day and post event or have any queries please send us a quick email to


Press pack

Pack includes all relative information and assets (1.2MB).


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