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Sarah Ronald

Passionate about technology and psychology, Sarah founded Nile in 2006 to improve how everyday digital products and services are researched, designed, and communicated. Today a team of 50, Nile specialises in regulated industries and is especially focussed on the Financial sector. She has been a special adviser to both the British and Scottish Government, and served on boards for The Design Council, Service Design Network and The British Interactive Media Association.

Head of Client Portfolios

Kirsty Bell

Kirsty steers many of Nile’s key relationships, and has consulted on topics from transformation and people & change, to operating models and their fitness for the future.

Portfolio Lead

Phil Reid

Phil comes with wealth of experience in the digital space, gained from a career in both the client and agency side. Specialising in experience strategy, Phil leads our Financial Services portfolio at Nile.

Operations & talent

Our knowledgeable team are here to help you out.

Chief Operating Officer

Lloyd Vaughan

Lloyd takes the lead on technology and process, implementing and maintaining the strategic systems and procedures that keep Nile running like clockwork.

Head of People

Susie Walker

Susie leads our talent operations, and is Nile’s expert at finding outstanding, mission-focused people to match with meaningful and impactful work.

Talent Manager & Executive Assistant

Laura Sheen

Laura supports our associate teams, and assists our executive group at Nile. Having lead research and marketing for several big brands before joining Nile, she’s focused on helping high performing teams find success.

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We work with a hand-picked team of trusted associates, bringing specialist skills and expertise to client engagements.

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