Financial regulation is changing

The FCA’s Consumer Duty is changing how we think about inclusivity
Nile is here to help you build your inclusive design capability

The days of ‘tickbox inclusivity’ are over

The FCA’s new Consumer Duty comes into force in July 2023, bringing previous guidelines around vulnerable customers into regulatory enforcement.

It effectively mandates the use of inclusive design across every customer touchpoint with a financial service provider. This will be a significant challenge for many FS organisations – but Nile is helping teams find the path to progress.


Where Nile has had an impact

In anticipation of the new duty, we have been working in partnership with our clients to explore what serving vulnerable customers really means.

The changes, for many, are seismic. Shifting to a culture of inclusive design isn’t the sole responsibility of one team – it’s everywhere, all at once.

In the last 18 months we’ve helped teams on their inclusivity journey by building design and research toolkits, publishing archetypes for inclusive design, and creating new frameworks and guidelines for their organisations.

A growing body of research tells us that there’s a solid business case for making your services more inclusive. In its simplest terms, your customer pool will increase. Also, when it comes to meeting regulatory guidelines, research shows that the cost of non-compliance can be three times higher than that of complying.

At Nile, we work with organisations that care passionately about helping customers. We’ve been working in the field of inclusive design since 2006 and the challenge we tend to encounter is not a lack of empathy, but instead an overwhelming sense of not knowing the best course of action.

Through our inclusive by default runway, we will help you prioritise and set a direction for being compliant with consumer duty by July 2023.

This is incredibly rich material, it creates a fascinating bridge into the Consumer Duty… this is extremely innovative and thought provoking not to mention beneficial for other firms to see… I doubt if anyone in the room is as advanced in their thinking as you are.
Money Advice Trust, reviewing practical client work

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How Nile can help

Our latest writing on the FCA’s New Consumer Duty

I have to say I’m blown away… The Framework really articulates the journey to get there as well as being incredibly helpful and practical in terms of use.
Senior Manager Customer Outcomes, Tesco Bank

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