We back big ideas that we believe can change the world.

You have a great idea, but you can’t get funding without an MVP. But without funding, you can’t create an MVP. We launched CoFoundry to break the cycle.

A programme with purpose.

We apply our insight, design and product skills to help entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground and sustain long-term growth. Our strategic design approach brings clarity and confidence to the entire process, setting you up for a bright future. For all.

Immediate impact

We help entrepreneurs identify what needs to be prioritised to speed up progress and gain the traction that investors are looking for.

Long-term view

To create meaningful change, you have to keep the future in your sights. Not only does this de-risk investments now, it creates a blueprint for future decisions, too.

How we help

As early stage tech investors ourselves, we know exactly where to focus to deliver the greatest impact. We offer guidance in two ways:

When there’s an idea to develop:

We become Founding partners, taking responsibility for refining the proposition, market entry point, product MVP and introductions to VC/Angel networks. Our support starts off with 4-8 weeks of dedicated work, with ad-hoc follow up and guidance as required. We take a small equity stake in return, and stay with you on the journey.

When a team and
product already exists:

We support a small number of companies, usually by network referral, who face specific challenges such as product market fit, positioning, UX, ways of working and building teams within insight, experience and product. Our time is linked to clear outcomes. This work is charged at our start-up rate, and places are limited.

What do we look for?

We back projects that meet the following criteria:

A digital focus

Within one of our priority sectors of Health, Finance and Climate, or an initiative that matches favourably to our B Corp certification to leave behind a better world

Aligned to future trends with a defensible business model

Founder openness to creating an advisory board role for a person from an underrepresented background

Founding team skillset to sell concept to VCs and unlock funding

Early outcomes

Our 2019/2020 alumni
Pawprint Eco Companion


in seed funding


highly skilled jobs created

How we helped


in seed funding


highly skilled jobs created

How we helped

Some of the companies we’ve supported

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