Create the change
you want to see in the world.

Nile supports and invests in purpose-driven entrepreneurs

Few people deeply contemplate a positive vision for the kind of world they’d like to help create.

For those who do. We’re here to help.

Our team works with entrepreneurs to CoFound new companies on a mission for the greater good. We back leaders who believe in corporate citizenship and are looking for impact beyond short term returns.

It gave us, and our investors, the confidence to take on an industry sized problem.
Nick Cousins, CEO Exizent

A dedicated Nile R&D squad set-up to help entrepreneurs

Uncover new propositions
Create & refine viable products
Hone their investment narrative
Nile CoFoundry – Christian Arno, Pawprint

De-risking the launch of new companies

The Nile CoFoundry provides the product and design expertise you need to translate your vision into fully a formed minimum viable product and roadmap. Increasing clarity for you, and confidence for your prospective investors.

As CoFounders, we continue to support companies through their initial growth stages. Making ourselves available for guidance, to recruit talent, and to coach teams in new design methods. Members of the Nile team have also taken on ongoing advisory and company board roles.

The contribution of Nile can’t be underestimated. It took something that was really little more than pub chat and turned it into something that is a real and investable business with a top-tier team.
Christian Arno, CEO Pawprint

Our portfolio

Investing time, expertise and cash, with start-ups across the globe.

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InTouch Technology


Gorilla in the Room

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The Nile Network

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We are able to support a very limited number of entrepreneurs per year.
Please get in touch if you would like an initial discussion to explore if we might be able to support you.

See our work in this space

Customer Wednesdays

Co-creating a powerful, repeatable design research playbook that mobilised a culture of customer-centric design across an entire organisation.

How design hit the mark for InTouch

Delivering a training sprint to create a method of defining the end goal of a project upfront, enabling quicker and more efficient product launches.