Create the change
you want to see in the world.

Nile supports and invests in purpose-driven entrepreneurs

Few people deeply contemplate a positive vision for the kind of world they’d like to help create.

For those who do. We’re here to help.

Our team works with entrepreneurs to CoFound new companies on a mission for the greater good. We back leaders who believe in corporate citizenship and are looking for impact beyond short term returns.

A dedicated Nile R&D squad set-up to help entrepreneurs

Uncover new propositions
Create & refine viable products
Hone their investment narrative

De-risking the launch of new companies.

Our CoFoundry provides affordable expertise until a financial runway is laid and a permanent team can be recruited.

Our support continues post launch too. Our skills and knowledge remain accessible for guidance. We help find talent, coach teams through Nile Academy and when appropriate serve ascompany board members.

Our portfolio

Investing our time, expertise and cash, with start-ups across the globe.

How have we helped?

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We are able to support a very limited number of entrepreneurs per year.
Please get in touch if you would like an initial discussion to explore if we might be able to support you.

See our work in this space

Bringing bereavement into the 21st Century

We unpicked the entire UK bereavement process to identity the painpoints and problems worth solving. Co-designing solutions with highly specialised legal professionals we prototyped Exizent’s first digital product.

Customer Wednesdays

Co-creating a powerful, repeatable design research playbook that mobilised a culture of customer-centric design across an entire organisation.