Case Studies / International Investment Firm

Tailoring global Service Desk support for employee needs

Applying behavioural insight and experience design, we created a global ServiceNow implementation strategy for an international investment firm.

The context

We were engaged by a top four Investment firm to support their global implementation of ServiceNow. ServiceNow is a leading platform to manage internal digital workflows – rather than implementing straight out the box, it can be configured and tailored to colleague workflows and needs. And that was the problem we were hired to solve.

The challenge

The Investment company wanted to improve the ways in which their employees utilised Service Desk technology to help solve daily tasks, such as requesting equipment or accessing technical support. To achieve this, they selected ServiceNow.

Selecting a tool or platform is half the challenge, adoption roll out and long term engagement is the other.

Across their employees, a vast range of habits and preferences existed when it comes to service desk usage. People interact with technical support in many different ways, influenced by their physical location, confidence, emotional state, and past experiences.

How could ServiceNow be configured and communicated in a way which meets the needs of everyone? Regardless of confidence, channel preference or functional area?

The research

The subtleties of human behaviour are not always immediately apparent in a company of this size. To better understand their employees, we conducted large scale insight – covering 9 geographies and a range of job roles. Insight was gathered via interviews, workshops and data from existing service desk interactions. To make this a success, we majored on our empathy and cultural awareness – acknowledging that to get people to express their view openly and honestly requires different strategies if you are talking to India, South Korea, or Germany.

  • 9


  • 10

    different Job Roles

  • 48

    hours of interviews and workshops

How we helped

Based on the data and insight, we built employee archetypes to aid decision making about how to tailor the platform experience. Archetypes are anonymised, representative segments that show the range of employee behaviours and mindsets across the company. We established key needs, behaviours, and pain points, which allowed the implementation team to gain insight and a new found empathy for their global user base.

We also created communication principles and a strategic framework, which further equipped the team to tailor the ServiceNow implementation to work best for each archetype.

I was really pleased with all the engagement from the business and so much enthusiasm for seeing our Next Steps as a result. You’ve made it really clear what we need to do now.
Programme Lead, Investment Company
A clear path forward

This work equipped the implementation team with the insight and tools to tailor the employee experience of ServiceNow, making technology engagement and digital workflows much easier across all demographics of colleagues, worldwide.

With a deepened understanding of their employees, IT teams were able to tailor the service they offer and increase overall satisfaction and emotional wellbeing. Contributing to employee experience, engagement, and productivity.

Employees also loved that IT had engaged them in this manner which further increased excitement about the roll out.