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Improving customer complaints

Transforming a customer complaints process

The challenge
Customer complaints at NS&I took too much time and effort to resolve. Inevitably this led to dwindling customer and colleague satisfaction, wasted internal resources and poor service levels.

The depth, rigour, and knowledge of the current as-is process was very impressive. There is real learning for me and my team to be explored in Nile’s approach and methods that offer significant value.
Head of Customer Centred Design
How we helped

Partnering with Atos, we reviewed the complaints process and redesigned it. We then launched a live test-and-learn pilot.

Nile used a six-week design sprint to map the current experience and understand the context, systems and processes.

A new service blueprint was drafted, which could exist within the current system infrastructure and regulations. Staff and customers validated the plan before running a live trial within the business.

A lasting impact

We achieved full executive buy-in from the six-week sprint. As a result of the pilot, the operating model changed to enable staff to resolve complaints at the first point of contact.

This change alone saved NS&I time and money whilst increasing colleague motivation and customer satisfaction.

Our pilot transformed the complaints process. And it reduced the cost per complaint from £72.20 to £1.04.

  • 98%

    Reduction in cost per complaint