Case Studies / InTouch

Rebooting a struggling product team

How do you re-energise a product team that’s lost their way?

The challenge
The InTouch team were successful… but struggling to meet their customers’ emerging needs effectively.

InTouch Technology are a small, expert team, working with gyms and health clubs to manage their customer communications and relationships.

While their product was widely adopted, InTouch’s development teams were struggling to ship features the customer needed, when they needed them. The competition was beginning to eat away at InTouch’s market share.

So President and CEO Dana Milkie invited us over to Canada. He asked us to help get InTouch design and development back on track.

To say we have embraced the design sprint approach is an understatement. I wish we had started utilising it sooner The ROI is almost immediate and very easy to justify.
Dana Milkie, President & CEO, InTouch Technology
How we helped

Nile worked alongside the InTouch team for a couple of days, to better understand the challenges they were facing.

We saw a talented team struggling to communicate, focusing on what and not why, and working in a fog of confusion around their product strategy and what their customers really needed.

The team needed a gentle reboot, and a significant process upgrade.

Nile became agile coaches for the team, designing and delivering an all-hands learning sprint for designers, developers, and product owners. We worked through key areas of the agile product lifecycle, supporting the team from research through to journey mapping, from prototyping with users and testing and launch.

At the same time, we worked with the team to build new, essential touchstones to support informed decision making in the future – action-based archetypes, essential journey maps, key problem statements, and a new product roadmap.

And we didn’t leave at the end of the sprint. Nile stayed on hand via a live support channel, giving InTouch a way to get regular time with our wider team for four months following the project.

A lasting impact

With our co-designed playbook in hand and new product guideposts understood, the InTouch team fully embraced this new way of working.

Blended product teams began to deliver regular incremental product improvements, in line with customer needs, at a sustainable pace, in line with the product strategy.

Team members reported greater satisfaction in their work, and CEO Dana recognised and praised the change.