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Bringing bereavement into the 21st Century

We used service design to take the stress out of probate. Working with Exizent’s founding team, we shaped a streamlined, B2B platform that’s helping the nation get their affairs in order.

The challenge
We all struggle with bereavement. But probate — the legal process for putting our affairs in order — adds another layer of uncertainty.

Sorting out the affairs of a loved one is stressful, even when you’ve got specialists on the case.

Nick Cousins, Exizent CEO, wanted to do something about it. So he asked us to join him as a founding partner. And help him design the solution. An MVP (minimum viable product) that would make the process manageable and integrated.

This was a complex challenge in a very complex space. Probate involves numerous legal and financial institutions and crucially, people experiencing loss.

It’s a service we needed to design better.

Nile gave us and our investors the confidence to take on an industry sized problem.
Nick Cousins, Founder & CEO, Exizent
How we helped

We unpicked the entire UK probate process through exploratory interviews with professionals and personal users.

And gained a holistic view that few have ever had.

We found a lot of complex problems. So we prioritised those that were the best fit for Exizent’s MVP—those that would have a real impact.

With our collaborators Open Frequency, we validated high-level concepts. Took onboard the guidance of highly specialised legal professionals.

And created the prototypes for Exizent’s first digital product.

We then explored several solutions to create a strategic roadmap for the move beyond MVP.

The Nile team were some of the first people I met when I started this journey with Exizent, what I was struck with at the time was the alignment to purpose what we were trying to achieve and just generally being a good bunch of people to work with who are committed to what they bring to the table which is excellence in service design and problem solving. They’ve been a fundamental part of the evolution of the business to date.
Nick Cousins, Founder & CEO, Exizent
  • £6.5m

    Capital raised

  • 33

    Highly skilled jobs created

A lasting impact

We brought clarity to Exizent’s target audiences. Defined the long-term vision and the platform’s features that resonated most.

Our work has started a domino effect of systemic change to the UK’s probate process.

We delivered an initial prototype, a go-to-market strategy, and a strategic roadmap. Exizent gained investor confidence and secured £6.5 million in funding.
Nick and founding partner Aleks went on to grow the company from that one ambitious idea to a highly-skilled team of 33.

In 2020, Exizent launched its revenue-generating MVP.

Nick Cousins, Founder and CEO, speaks about working with Nile