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Customer service transformed.

How do you co-design a service model transformation with your customers?

The challenge
One of the UK’s largest commercial banks was in trouble. Antique systems, broken processes, and organisational silos had led to a customer experience that felt complex and disjointed.

Our client needed a rethink on serving commercial banking customers across its channels.

The reevaluation would involve a complete redesign of the call centres operating model. New digital self-serve capabilities would be introduced, rolling out a new technology stack to support it. A big challenge.

There was an endless list of products and services with many stakeholders to align to a unified vision.

How we helped

We embedded a multidisciplinary team of Nilers into the service model team at the client’s London HQ. We built an onsite ‘mind palace’ – a physical space that served as the collaborative programme brain. It would also function as a stakeholder engagement tool.

Firstly, we organised co-design workshops with customers and a range of the bank’s business areas. We built a broad picture of customer behaviours and needs.

The process would be shared and understood by the bank. And fuel new ideas, validating and refining in-flight components of the experience.

Next, we applied insight directly to the design of the new service model. We enabled bank and third-party teams to prioritise their backlog of future services and align them to a shared future vision.

They brought a freshness to our thinking that allowed us to bring it back to life for the customer. The professionalism, but also the ingenuity of the ways of working they brought to us was great to see.
Head of Service Transformation Model, UK Commercial Bank
A lasting impact

The Customer Experience Framework we designed is a powerful tool. Owned by the customer service team, it quickly aligned delivery teams and clarified the investment strategy across the commercial bank.

It could deliver the bank’s strategy and simultaneously prioritise the servicing transformation backlog.

Operations teams immediately changed the minor things that would make a meaningful difference to customers’ servicing experience. They would then build new desirable digital services that significantly reduce their cost-to-serve.

  • 1603

    B2B Customers Engaged

  • +20

    Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • I think what’s been created has gone over and above what my original expectations were.
    Commercial Banking Customer, London
  • I’m quite cynical of [the bank], and I’m absolutely amazed to see them potentially leading in functionality with this.
    Commercial Banking Customer, Manchester
  • We’ve spoken, they’ve listened, and they are doing something about it. And they are helping us to do our jobs better.
    Commercial Banking Customer, London