Bringing bereavement into the 21st century

How do you build the world’s first bereavement platform?


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highly skilled jobs created

The process gave us and our investors the confidence to take on an industry sized problem.
Nick Cousins, Founder & CEO, Exizent

The need

Changing a nation’s bereavement process is challenging, even when the process is not fit for purpose.

For those closest to the deceased, the current experience of sorting out the estate of their loved one is stressful, lengthy, and full of uncertainty – even with professional help.

Nick Cousins, CEO of Exizent, asked us to help him ‘design the right thing’. Something meaningful solving the pain points for the people involved, something that delivers value people want to pay for, yet still manageable for a technology start-up’s MVP.

With the ambition to make meaningful change in a broken process, we joined Nick to become a Founding Partner and helped him build the vision to gain the confidence of investors.

What we did

We unpicked the entire end-to-end UK bereavement process though explorative 1:1 interviews with both professionals and private audience.

By understanding key actors’ needs and painpoints, we were able to create a jobs-to-be-done framework allowing us to prioritise potential problems to solve and shortlist those best fit for Exizent’s MVP.

Through several rounds of co-designing propositions and solutions with highly specialised legal professionals we prototyped Exizent’s first digital product. 

Exploring several solutions allowed us to create a strategic roadmap for how Exizent will move beyond MVP and make the systemic changes bereavement in the UK needs.

The Nile team were some of the first people I met when I started this journey with Exizent, what I was struck with at the time was the alignment to purpose what we were trying to achieve and just generally being a good bunch of people to work with who are committed to what they bring to the table which is excellence in service design and problem solving. They’ve been a fundamental part of the evolution of the business to date.
Nick Cousins, Founder & CEO, Exizent

The outcome

We brought clarity to Exizent’s target audiences, what features resonated most and defined the long term vision for the platform.

With the first product prototyped, a go-to-market strategy, and strategic roadmap, Exizent was able to gain investors confidence and secure £3.6 million in investment. 

This enabled Nick & Alex to grow the company from a single ambitious founder to a highly-skilled team of 22 within 18 month and launch their revenue generating MVP.

We’ve received a considerable amount of investment to take the mission forward from this point, all of which has really been built off the foundation of that initial piece of work with the CoFoundry
Nick Cousins, Founder & CEO, Exizent
Nick talks about working with the Nile CoFoundry to develop Exizent

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