Nile acquires Dig Inclusion

We’re delighted to announce Nile’s acquisition of Dig Inclusion, a pioneering digital media inclusivity company, and its flagship tool, HUGR.
  • Nile
  • 13 February 2023

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Nile empowers top UK companies with data-driven insights, guiding leaders and product teams in regulated industries to solve critical problems and enhance outcomes for both customers and the organisation.

Sarah Ronald (Founding Director of Nile), Grant Broome (Director and Founder of Dig Inclusion), Dag Lee (Chairman of Nile)

We’re delighted to announce Nile’s acquisition of Dig Inclusion, a pioneering digital media inclusivity company, and its flagship tool, HUGR. 

As a user-led enterprise, Dig is dedicated to making digital media and services inclusive for everyone. They’re a passionate group of consultants and developers, who dedicate their time to helping organisations reach a wider demographic and maintaining diversity in the workplace. 

Creating accessible solutions is now mission critical for businesses. Not only do accessible solutions help ensure all customers have access to your business, but they can also create new opportunities for growth. Studies show that 1 in 5 working adults in the UK has a disability, and by ignoring their needs, businesses lose approximately £2 billion a month.

Grant Broome, Dig’s founder, has spearheaded fantastic projects across the public, private and charity sectors, from the NHS and Department of Transport to the Premier League. Nile’s also had the privilege of working with Dig for the last five years on projects for clients including Tesco Bank and Willis Towers Watson. 

We’re thrilled to be joining forces with Nile. We’ve worked with Sarah and the team for five years and their ‘people first’ approach to design is a perfect fit for us.
Grant Broome, Director and Founder of Dig Inclusion

Alongside the amazing services Dig that provide, the team have built HUGR. HUGR is Dig’s state-of-the-art accessibility testing and guidance tool that helps teams open up the online world. Dig created HUGR to help teams test and learn as they go, ensuring that their work is inclusive to its very core.

Since 2006, Nile has helped highly regulated industries, including financial services, clear a path to progress. We identify the obstacles and set a direction that will deliver proven results. By bringing our understanding of human behaviour and design expertise to the table, Nile reduces risk and provides the certainty that’s needed to take a huge project forward.

This important acquisition will help Nile drive the change needed to make the online world more accessible and have a long-term impact on future generations. Combined with our expertise in service model transformation and platform configuration this acquisition will further help our teams to improve adoption of new services and drive impactful change. 

We are proud to welcome Dig to the Nile ecosystem. Their dedication to making technology accessible for all aligns perfectly with our mission to leave behind a better world. By bringing the technical expertise and thinking of Dig in-house, Nile designers will work alongside accessibility specialists to put inclusivity at the heart of everything we do.

You can see Dig’s services here and reach out to the team if you want to find out more.